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Northwest Side Food Distribution Hub of Chicagoland Food Sovereignty Coalition (CFSC)

Free Grocery Store at 2311 N Keystone

Thursdays 5-7pm

Saturdays 10-12:30pm

Get Reimbursed by Logan Square Mutual Aid


Expenses undergo two rounds of review and approval. First, a member of LSMA will review and approve the expense or ask for additional information. Then, a member of Hack Club will review the expense or ask for additional information. The first approval does not guarantee you will be reimbursed.

The Hack Club reviewer is not affiliated with LSMA. They are a third-party financial accountability functionary that is necessary to remain in good legal status with State and Federal Law and allow us to use Open Collective to store and distribute funds.

We cannot reimburse any request without a receipt or other associated documentation (e.g., a gas bill or a rent invoice). If you don't have a receipt or other documentation, please email

As of August 2023, expenses up to $75 will be approved once per month per contributor. Submit an expense for reimbursement here.

If you need additional money or help, please email If you cannot submit a request to Hack Club, please email

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